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discord: moth#6485


about me:

gemma/marcy/moth ✧ they/she/fae ✧ i draw!! ✧ gemini ☼ scorpio ☽ virgo ↑

who i'd like to meet:

i am not super great @ talking 2 new people so!!!! questions& stuff r totally fine! tldr just don't straight up ask "2 be friends" (mutuals pls feel free 2 dm me u are all so cool)

though if u wanna add me on any games that is swaggy:]
alternatively, if ur interested in art comms/trades, feel free 2 msg me!

total drama, bna: brand new animal, harley quinn, the owl house, clone high, amphibia, i am not okay with this, she-ra, kakeguri, kipo & the age of the wonderbeasts, wonder egg priority, adventure time, kill la kill
glass animals, twinkle park, gorillaz, msi, mother mother, chloe moriondo, joy division, marina, mitski, arctic monkeys, paramore, the scary jokes, dazey & the scouts, tyler the creator


warrior cats, pokemon, fnaf, spyro, cookie run, club penguin, genshin impact, monster high, bugs, animal jam, sonic, furbys, coding/html/css, honkai impact, vulture culture, mlp (gen1&3), care bears, butterfly soup, natural history

i am critical of my interests!!

i kin 4 fun & don't take it all too seriously:]
doubles r totally fine:) it just means ur swag

marcy wu, amity blight, yanfei, yae miko, xiao, marceline, cynder, ivypool, mothwing, torracat, vaporeon, poison ivy, roxanne wolf, funtime foxy, cadence, alix kubdel, rika kawai

bold italic = big kin / italic = lesser kin

comfort characters
catra, adora, hollyleaf, mothflight, tawnypelt, greywing, yellowfang, ravenpaw, mapleshade, starflower, shira, princess bubblegum, bmo, sasha waybright, viney, ivysaur, sylveon, izzy, gwen, rainbow dash, viperine gorgon, draculaura, batsy claro, harley quinn, barbara gordon, gwen stacy, toy bonnie, ember, rouge the bat, blaze the cat, mona, baizhu, fischl, scaramouche, hu tao, yae sakura, rozaliya olenyeva, matcha cookie, lilac cookie, mocha ray cookie, joan of arc, cleo, min-seo, diya, ryuko matoi, mako mankanshoku, nonon jakuzure
i may occasionally (re)post images of bugs & stuff!! feel free 2 block if this makes u uncomfy (this is mostly limited to my side tumblr&pinterest though!)
i don't generally use tone indicators, but i'm more than happy 2 clarify when needed:]
if u disagree with me on dni topics please just block me!! i do not care i do not want to argue thanks:)

!! i tend to block quite liberally 2 curate my feeds 2 things i rlly like!! >> nothing against u, pls don't take this personally!!

-13 or 23+ (follows ok, don't dm)
lgbtphobic, racist, ableist, terf, etc
don't support nby lesbians, support "bi/pan lesbians"
p-do/(no)map, inc-st, ddlg (/supporter)
post sh/ed related stuff
(re)post of images or descriptions of gore/graphic content (non-graphic vulture culture is rad!!)

swag games i play a lot:) pls msg me before adding so i know ur not just a random!!

genshin impact
asia server uid: 817406003 - world lvl 4/5
eu server uid: 719550479 - world lvl 0
cookie run
ovenbreak id: hxxmm5415 (moth#3018)
kingdom ign: lambthyme - pure vanilla server

chicken smoothie

java ign: lambthyme
always down 2 play bedwars n stuff!!/ur own server if u wanna inv me:]

carrd inspiration >> myspace (windows93)
more specifically my own (dead) profile:,]] goodnight sweet prince