seventeen // ⚢ // aus




i. about

hi i'm moth/gemma!! non-binary > they/she<3
i really hope to pursue some field of art/computing as a career!!

i find bones n most vulture culture rlly cool:) bug, witch & plant blog

also!! my birthday's the first of june 2004 if ur wondering!!

enfj / neutral good
gemini ☼ / virgo ↑ / scorpio ☽


ii. interests

she-ra (2018)glass animalswarriors
total dramamsibugs
harley quinn (2018)mother motherfnaf
young justicearctic monkeysclub penguin
the owl housechloe moriondogenshin impact
clone highjoy divisionmonster high
amphibiamarinacookie run
i am not okay w/ thismitski 

i am critical of my interests!!^^


iii. kins

mmmmvmmmbmmmmm kinnie moment
doubles r no prob @ at all!!!!!!! infact i love them bc it means ur swag:]

!! amity (toh)yanfei (gi)!! marcy (amphibia)
ivypool (wc)torracat (pkmn)mothwing (wc)
vaporeon (pkmn)xiao (gi)rika (wep)
roxanne (fnaf)cynder (spyro)alix (ml)
funtime foxy (fnaf)  


iv. comfort characters

characters i care a lot

catra (she-ra)hollyleaf (wc)mothflight (wc)
mapleshade (wc)rainbow dash (mlp)marceline (at)
sasha (amphibia)viney (toh)gwen (tdi)
izzy (tdi)shira (ice age)sylveon (pokemon)
ivysaur (pokemon)draculaura (mh)viperine gorgon (mh)
batsy claro (mh)harley quinn (dc)poison ivy (dc)
toy bonnie (fnaf)joan (ch)cleo (ch)
ember (spyro)mona (gi)baizhu (gi)
hu tao (gi)gwen stacy (mcu)matcha cookie (cr)
mocha ray cookie (cr)latte cookie (cr)blaze the cat (sonic)


v. dni if you

are lgbtphobic/racist/ableist/a terf/etcare a p-do/inc-st supporterare -13 or 25+just want to argue/start discoursepost/repost lots of images or descriptions of gore/graphic content


vi. games

swag games i play a lot:) pls msg me before adding so I know ur not just a random!!

genshin impact - asia server
uid: 817406003
^ world lvl 5. i'm not incredibly active, so if u just need 2 farm materials that's fine by me<3
> slowly working on my eu account so i'll be able 2 play there too!!

cookie run ovenbreak
id: hxxmm5415 (moth#3018)

cookie run kingdom
ign: lambthyme

minecraft - java
ign: lambthyme
^ always down 2 play bedwars, n stuff!!/ur own if u wanna inv me:]


vii. links

discord: moth#6485